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The Family Museum


The antiquities museum "La Familia" was founded by the Israelite Torre Maldonado from around fifteen years ago.

The museum is divided into three sections; Has more than 20 thousand old pieces, such as: Maize and rice grinding stones; Train lanterns; Nails for train tracks; Cats to close the tracks; Grinders; Radios; Banastas; Iron plows; wheelbarrow; Yokes to unite the yoke of oxen; Wood cutting locks; Wire mesh (wooden beds and wire); phones; More than one hundred plates; Car tablets from various states of the United States from 1916 to 1947; water filters; Pulpers and coffee grinders; Microphones; Vitrola; Typewriters; Bottles of serum; Barber chairs; Tobacco letter measuring machine; Wooden pan to beat gold; Thousands of bottles, among others.

Most of these collectibles date from the forties, fifty or more years. To visit the "La Familia" Museum you can call (787) 889-5368. Located on the road 983 km 5.9, Barrio Sabana.



Beaches of Luquillo


La Monserrate Beach

Luquillo is recognized as one of the towns of Puerto Rico that owns one of the most beautiful beaches: the Balneario La Monserrate.
The Balneario La Monserrate has ample parking, camping areas and more than 25 gazelles. Its facilities also include an area enabled for access and assistance to any citizen, with physical limitations. This facility is known as Mar Sin Barreras.


La Pared Beach

This beach is located on Calle Herminio Díaz Navarro and is recognized worldwide for its surfing competitions thanks to its exciting waves to practice this extreme sport.

 Coasta Azul

Located at the end of Paseo Herminio Díaz Navarro Street, renowned for its breeze and tropical beauty, beautiful sunsets and spectacular full moon nights.

Playa Azul Beach

It takes its name to be located in front of the three condominiums that carry the name of Playa Azul. Excellent place for bathers and water sports like swimming, snorkeling, "snorkeling", "paddle board", "kayaking", beach volleyball, among others.

 Las Pailas Waterfall

The Las Pailas waterfall is a natural stream of crystalline waters that emanate directly from the bowels of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains. This beautiful waterfall is located on the course of the Sabana River, located on the road 983 km 4.8 of the Sabana District.